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Maria Cecilia Garcia

Maria Cecilia Garcia

Consulting Services, LLC

Being a daughter of two immigrant parents, I understood the struggle firsthand. My father was born in Havana Cuba and arrived in the U.S. by means of political asylum in 1969, and my mother immigrated from El Salvador by means of a work visa. They met within 24 hours of arriving in New York city, embracing an unknown future, without family connections or known friends. They soon married and had 2 children. I, being the oldest, was the primary translator for my parents. As young as 12 years old, I translated my first set of loan documents for my parents. I marvel at the thought that my parents had to place their trust in a 12-year-old child to translate financial and legal documents. But that was our normal, and for many Hispanic immigrant families, this is not unusual.

Before becoming a licensed and bonded Immigration Consultant, I began my career as a residential loan officer in 2007, when many would soon leave the business. That was the year the home loan industry imploded, and home loans became extremely difficult to close. Minority families were hit the hardest with sub-prime loans and predatory lending practices targeting many Hispanic
communities. The benefit of beginning my career during this tumultuous time was having a clear understanding of the consequences of unethical lending practices, poorly communicated loan products. I deeply appreciate starting my career when tough loans, genuine compassion and honest practices made a difference in people’s lives.

Today I am honored to be helping the children of many of the clients I helped through the 2007 – 2009 housing crash. Why? Because families appreciated straight talk that focused on honesty, wisdom, and kindness during those financially difficult times. Especially in the immigrant Hispanic communities experiencing the added layer of not having English as a first language.

Today I am focusing on immigrant families not requiring legal services for their immigration needs. Like that 12-year-old child who understood the struggle of a language barrier, as an adult, it is my joy and privilege to assist your family through the immigration application process. Our team understands how the immigration process may be overwhelming. We offer free consultation, and once approved for our services, we guide you the rest of the way.

It gives me great pride to be part of a Hispanic Heritage that represents 1 st  generational Latin American children, who are the product of immigrant parents. My father passed away in 2007 and he continues to be a beacon for resilience, commitment, and faith. A man who left a legacy in real estate and entrepreneurship, carried on by both my brother and me.

Allow me the opportunity to be part of your immigration journey.

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1675 N Perris Blvd Unit A15,
Perris, CA 92571

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